Why Do We Renovate?

new black grey kitchen extension in Kent

When I began this post on reasons for renovating, I had in mind an in-depth piece on the human psyche. I mean, why is it that we as a species find it so enjoyable, impressive and pleasing to make big changes to the place in which we abode? But really, in today’s day and age, who needs to read my imagined ramblings on a philosophical tangent? You’re just here to help you make a choice, right? Remodel and stay, or sell. Or another combination of the three.

Extension, renovation, remodelling, restructure; there are various ways in which to describe a change we make to our home. One thing is constant though – it’s a big decision that doesn’t get made overnight. So we’re going to go through a few different reasons you may or may not extend your house.


Your Ideas On Aesthetics Have Changed

A big mover and shaker in the decision-making world of home extensions is that of aesthetics. Once you’ve been in your home for a while you can start to feel a little stifled, be that from a lack of change or a changing passion. Simply desiring a change of scenery however isn’t enough to validate knocking down a wall, but a changing dynamic in how you view your home is certainly a good time to sit down with the decision makers (don’t leave your partner out of the loop!) and work out the best route forward. Whether this is a traditional extension or an edgy mezzanine, the way you look at and feel about your home is critical to a satisfied life – it’s where your heart is after all!
Total Extensions Tip: Follow your gut; make the change.


You Need More Space

Adding a room at the back of your home, for example, is a classic home extension that, whilst a big decision, tends to pay big dividends. This sort of job usually comes about because we have a need rather than a preference. Whilst it’s certainly possible to want to do it just because you’ve always wanted that extra space, this is almost always a result of a bigger family, not enough entertainment space, the necessitation of a study, or any number of other causes.

Total Extensions Tip: Speak to extension professionals about the best style of extension considering your needs.


You want to add value to your home

We’re not real estate professionals (as much as we’d like to think we are!) so we can’t advise you on whether an extension will have a direct financial positive result for you when it’s time to sell. However, we can confidently say that adding an attractive space, be it for pleasure or purpose, to your house rarely detracts from value. Still, this decision is not one to be made from guessing.

Total Extensions Tip: Speak to your estate agent about the impact an extension would have on your property value.