One of the most popular, as well as one of the most useful ways of transforming your Maidstone home is carrying out a loft conversion.

Essentially this involves turning your unused and possibly empty loft space or attic into a fully functional room. Loft conversions are often used to add one or more additional bedrooms, to provide a home office, to use as a playroom, games room or gym, or to provide a family member with their own personal space.

loft conversion Maidstone

Below are a few ideas that might inspire you.


Adding a bedroom plus en-suite

Adding an extra bedroom plus en-suite is one of the most popular home transformations you can carry out. Many growing families find that this is a far better option than moving to a larger home, and considerably less expensive. Adding an extra bedroom will also add considerable value to your home.


Adding a home office

Working from home is becoming an increasingly popular way to work, but finding the right space for a home office that allows you to isolate yourself from the normal comings and goings of a family home so that you are not continually distracted can be difficult.

A home office in the loft is an ideal solution, as there is a natural separation between it and the rest of the house so you can work there without the fear of constant disruptions.

A home office can also provide other family members with an ideal place to study, especially if they are revising for exams.


Adding a gym

Today many people take a much keener interest in personal fitness than they used to, and although regularly visiting a gym can be highly beneficial, it can also be inconvenient and quite expensive. As a result home gyms are becoming increasingly popular and we believe that this trend will continue.

The benefits include being able to use your gym any time you wish, and having immediate access might even persuade other family members to get on the fitness bandwagon.


Adding a family room

Ideally every home should have a family room which is an informal place to get together with other family members and guests in order to enjoy themselves talking, playing, watching TV or simply relaxing. A family room should provide a space where the entire family and their guests can entertain and be entertained; the social centre of the household. Using a loft conversion as a family room is the ideal solution in houses that would otherwise be too small for one.


Personal space

Loft conversions are frequently carried out simply to add multi-functional space. They might be used as a music room, a games room, a space for your particular hobby, and somewhere to put up an extra guest.


Planning your loft conversion in Maidstone

The first stage of any loft conversion is to make sure that your loft is suitable. You will need to check that space under the roof ridge is at least 2.1 metres. You will also have to check the clearance above where you intend to install the steps or staircase, and this should be around 2 metres.

If you are thinking about carrying out a loft conversion in Maidstone, there are some important decisions that you will need to make, and the first of these is whether you intend to carry out the planning and construction yourself, or whether you are going to use a professional loft installation company. Speak with a professional builder at the outset, even if you want to carry out some or all of the work yourself.