Total Extensions Kent provides a complete Design and Build service. By working closely with architects, surveyors, structural engineers, and planning control offices in Tunbridge Wells and surrounding areas we are able to offer you a comprehensive Design and Build service. This will take the stress out of your project, delivering it faster and at a lower price.

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We understand that many people find building projects particularly stressful, which isn’t surprising given their complexity, especially when you have little or no experience in managing them. Our aim is to take that stress away from our customers by providing a comprehensive service that includes every aspect of Design and Build.

Our Design and Build service will free you from the hassle and stress, as we manage the total project from the outset, including the initial concept, detailed design, building and construction, job completion and handover.

Total Extensions Kent will help you achieve your aims with the minimum amount of fuss. We will contact the architect, surveyor, structural engineer, and any other professional who should be included in your building project. We have extensive experience of the local supply network and we know who are the best professionals for the job; people we have grown to trust and are happy to work with.

We will take on the role of project manager, freeing you from the task. We will be your single point of contact so you won’t be bothered by having to deal with a string of other people. We will work closely with you and keep you informed of every aspect of the job, including a complete schedule and regular updates so that you will know exactly the state of progress.

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Tunbridge Wells Design and Build means faster completion

Another advantage of our Design and Build service is that we can usually deliver job completion in a shorter timescale. This is because we can save time in the delivery schedule, for instance by overlapping certain aspects of the design and build phases. This is far more efficient than the traditional way of working in which the design must be completed and signed off before building can be commenced.

We take responsibility for the complete job, which is a much more flexible approach and minimises risk all round. Our Design and Build projects are delivered faster and at lower cost than the traditional way of working.

If you would like more information on how we operate Design and Build and its implications to your project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch; we will be happy to talk to you.